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Environmental Management

Principles of environmental management are applied to all activities JSC “Simferopol International Airport” and are an integral part of the general corporate governance system.

Decree “On environmental protection activities” is approved in order to achieve strategic objective of the state policy in the area of environmental development, establish an effective management system for environmental protection and ensure environmental safety.

This Decree is developed in compliance with the regulations and requirements of the current environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, namely:

  • Federal Law “On Environmental Protection” No. 7-FZ, January 10, 2002
  • Federal Law “On Air protection” No. 96-FZ, May 4, 1999
  • Federal Law “On Production and Consumer Waste” No. 89-FZ, June 24, 1998

The Decree determines the rules of organizing and implementing industrial ecological control (IEC), as well as realization of environmental protection activities by the airport employees.

IEC is carried out in order to regulate environmental impact of administrative and other activities and comply with the requirements imposed by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the filed of environmental protection.

Objects of IEC subject to regular monitoring:

  • sources of contaminants released into the ambient air,
  • origin of wastes,
  • environmental resources used in production.

The management of JSC “Simferopol International Airport” ensures the conformity of the environmental management system and undertakes to comply with the stated requirements, improve efficiency of the environmental management system, ensure that all airport employees are fully aware of the Environmental Protection Policy, as well as create conditions for its implementation with the provision of necessary resources.