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Special Needs Passenger Services

Simferopol Airport pays the maximum attention to the passengers with special needs and creates all possible favorable conditions for people with disabilities.

Help for the passengers with special needs is rendered free of charge and 24/7.

You can book for special assistance 48 hours prior to the departure.

+7 978 914-19-19

When applying for service, please provide the following information:

  • Date, time and number of your flight
  • Airline name
  • Details about your special needs
  • Information about availability of a wheelchair: dimensions, ability to fold, battery
  • Information about availability of crutches or assistance dog
  • Services you need

The Simferopol International Airport offers its passengers with disabilities an individual help during their stay in the terminal, boarding and getting off the plane. We will do our best to ensure maximum comfort and provide all necessary facilities during your stay at the airport:

  • The airport terminal is designed with due account for the requirements of the passengers with special needs and has equipment which can be used by disabled people by themselves to access check-in and departure area.
  • Boarding and getting off the plane is carried out by means of ambulifts. Upon arrival, after getting all passengers off the plane, the passengers with special needs are met at the plane by an escorting agent who accompanies him/her at the baggage claim area, helps to receive the baggage and then helps to reach the airport exit.
  • All airport elevators have a larger width of doorways, audible warning system, call buttons and buttons inside the elevators are supplied with Braille inscriptions.
  • The airport has special toilet rooms for the passengers with disabilities.
  • The parking area near terminal is equipped with call buttons to call out for the airport staff help. The parking lot has spaces marked with Wheelchair Symbol which are meant for handicapped people. The parking is free of charge for those in possession of the corresponding certificate.