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Travelling with Kids

International Simferopol Airport has all necessary amenities for comfortable stay of babies and their parents.

Mother and Baby Room

Mother and Baby Room is located on the first floor near the elevators. Nursing room has a panoramic view of the departure lounge and internal facade.

Passengers categories that can use Mother and Baby Room
  • Children aged 0-7 accompanied by one adult
  • Children aged 0-14 with special needs, accompanied by one or two adults
  • Women during their late pregnancy
Mother and Baby Room facilities ensuring comfortable waiting for the flight
  • Rest room with TV and padded furniture
  • Bedrooms
  • Sanitary hygiene room with hot and cold water supply
  • Swaddling tables and machine for drying clothes
  • Kitchen with microwave oven and furniture for kids to ensure comfortable breastfeeding of babies
All services are free of charge. Allowed duration of stay – maximum three hours.

International Simferopol Airport takes care of travelling children, that is why passengers with children are allowed to visit Mother and Baby Room after medical examination performed by on duty medical staff at the airport’s First Aid station or upon availability of the medical certificate issued by pediatrician at the place of residence not earlier than 3 days prior to flight.

Documents to submit in order to get access to Mother and Baby Room
  • Air ticket or boarding pass
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate/child’s passport
  • Prenatal record (for pregnant women)