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Travelling with Pets

During veterinary inspection it is required to provide:

  • Animal to be transported
  • Veterinary passport with mandatory record about vaccination against rabies
The veterinary control point is located at the address of the village Aeroflot, Airport Square 19 (cargo warehouse).
+7 978 512-23-18

A duty veterinarian at the airport Veterinary Inspection Post:

  • Inspects Pet documents
  • Performs visual inspection of an animal
  • Changes the veterinary report for a veterinary certificate if the documents comply with the existing requirements and inspection results are positive
  • Makes the mark (stamp) “export is permitted” or “export is prohibited” in the transporting documents

If you travel with your animal abroad

  • You must provide veterinary certificate (form No. 1) or International Pet Passport with vaccination and anti-parasite treatment records in accordance with the requirements of the country to which animal is exported. These requirements may change, therefore the pet owner must request these document in the corresponding embassy or destination country; (Decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 317 dated 18.06.2010).
  • Information about met requirements of the country-importer must be given in column “special remarks” of the veterinary certificate (form No. 1) issued for travelling animals.
  • International Pet Passport must contain microchip number and date of microchipping or brand number and date of branding.

If you are planning to travel with more than two animals, then, according to the art. 4.1. of the Order No. 404 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on 07.11.2011, you must also provide Pet Export Permit issued by Rosselkhoznadzor.

Travelling with assistance dog

The blind passengers who require the help of an assistance dog must undergo the same standard procedures of veterinary inspection in case if the dog will be transported by plane.

Assistance dog is transported on board free of charge, in excess of free baggage allowance. To obtain this service, the passenger must submit the Disability Certificate and Assistance Dog Certificate. Dogs accompanying the blind must have a collar and a muzzle, and be tied to the seat at the passenger’s feet.