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Flight Delay

According to the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) No. 82 “General Rules for the Air Transportation of Passengers, Luggage, Cargoes and Requirements for the Servicing of Passengers, Consignors, Consignees” approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on June 28, 2007 in case of flight delay, cancellation, change in flight itineraries:

  1. The airline company is obliged to inform passengers regarding any changes in the flight schedules by any possible means (item 74, FAR).
  2. The passengers at the airport must be provided with visual and audible information on flight delay or cancellation (item 92, FAR).
  3. If the flight was interrupted due to the Carrier’s fault as well as in case of flight delay or cancellation caused by adverse weather conditions, technical issues or other reasons of change in the flight route, the airline carrier is obliged to provide for the passengers at the points of departure and at waypoints the following services (item 99, FAR):
    • accommodation of a passenger with a child under 7 years old in the Mother’s Room;
    • two telephone calls or two e-mails if flight delay exceeds two hours;
    • free soft drinks if flight delay exceeds two hours;
    • free hot meals if flight delay exceeds four hours and then every six hours in the day time and every eight hours at night;
    • free hotel accommodation if flight delay exceeds eight hours in the day time and six hours at night;
    • free “airport-hotel-airport” transfer if hotel accommodation is provided without any additional charges;
    • free baggage storage.

All services specified in this paragraph are provided to passengers without additional charge. To receive the above mentioned services or information on ticket exchange or return, please contact representative office of the airline carrier.