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Self-service Check-in Kiosks

The passengers at Simferopol Airport can check in for their flight by themselves using self-service check-in kiosks.

Check-in kiosks for flights operated by Aeroflot, Russia, Globus and Ural Airlines are located near the check-in counters “A” and “B”.

Globus’ passengers can also print their boarding passes by themselves. Dedicated check-in machine is available to the airline clients.

For self check-in you will need:

  • passport,
  • your booking reference or air ticket number,
  • your airline’s bonus card (if any).
Follow the detailed on-screen instructions and check all entered information. After check-in the kiosk will print your boarding pass.

You can use self-service check-in kiosks even when travelling with baggage. You can select your assigned seat in the aircraft cabin. After checking-in and getting boarding pass you can check in your baggage at special Drop-Off counter. Baggage check-in can be done when the flight check-in begins.