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What if in the air ticket there are errors in the first or the last name?

Some air carriers allow to have up to three errors (misprints) inclusive in the ticket. However, incompliance of data in your identity document with the data indicated in the purchased ticket can become an obstacle for further travel. If you find an error, you need as soon as possible to contact the airline agency where you bought your ticket and have it corrected.

During my vacation I purchased home-made cordial and wine, can I carry it in my baggage?

In your checked baggage you can carry liquids and alcoholic drinks without original packaging and with an alcohol content of no more than 24% by volume. These include: low-alcohol beverages, home-made wines, cordials, liqueurs (only if the alcohol content does not exceed the maximum permitted level). The packaging must be airtight. Alcoholmeters — a special devices that indicate the alcoholic strength of carried liquids — are available at the points of baggage inspection.

We bought a gyroscooter for our child and planning to travel by plane. Can we take this gyroscooter on board?

Based on IATA recommendations, the above item may be carried on board as checked baggage, on condition that the mobility aid does not contain a lithium battery.

A lithium battery removed from the mobility aid may only be carried as a carry-on item, on condition that the power of the battery does not exceed 160 Watts-hour (W/h).

A small device with an embedded (non-removable) lithium battery can be carried if it is processed as “hazardous cargo” through the airport’s cargo terminal. Transportation conditions may vary depending on the internal requirements of the airline company. For more detailed information on the size of carry-on item, please contact the airline.

Small personal mobility aids include:

  • monowheels,
  • segways (mini-segways),
  • hoverboards,
  • gyroscooters,
  • electric scooters.
What are the rules of carrying fire weapons? Can I take a gun on board?

If you are planning to transport fire weapons on flights, upon arrival at the airport you must inform the airport security officer and show him a permit to keep and carry weapons. When checking in for flight, you must declare your intention to carry weapon as baggage. After receiving boarding pass you must go to special room for checking in weapons and ammunition. Weapons shall be accepted for carriage only if unloaded, in packaging provided by the passenger (covers, holsters, special containers, cases, boxes) which meets the safety and security requirements for weapons. Weapons and ammunition must be kept in separate containers. The gross weight of ammunition to be transported must not exceed 5 kg per passenger (1000 pcs. per person). An authorized security officer fills in the Act of weapon acceptance for temporary storage during the flight, one copy of which is given to the passenger. The owner receives weapon and ammunition at the destination airport after showing the copy of Act to an authorized security officer.

During flight I lost my boarding pass. I need this for reporting purposes at my work. Can I get a copy of my boarding pass?

The airport can not issue a copy of a boarding pass after completion of flight. To get the document confirming your presence on a specific flight, you need to send an official request to the airline company.

I left my tablet PC on the plane. How to get it back?

You need to contact baggage tracing service located in the arrival lounge. There you will be asked to provide for detailed information on where you left your tablet PC and its brand name. It’s most likely that claim agents will ask you to give a password to unlock your tablet, confirming that it belongs to you.

In case if you left your baggage in the airport or on the plane, please contact the claim agents.

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