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Baggage Tracing

In case if your baggage is missing in the baggage claim area, please immediately go to the Baggage Service counter.

Opening hours: around the clock

Baggage Service at Simferopol Airport is located on the ground floor of the passenger terminal in the baggage claim area.
+7 3652 59-57-37
+7 978 914-14-44
The following documents are required to fill the Lost Baggage Report:
  • boarding pass
  • tear-off part of the baggage tag
  • passport

In the Lost Baggage Report you need to describe your missing baggage and its content as precisely as possible.

Delayed Baggage Tracing Time

According to the Federal Aviation Regulations the lost baggage is traced within 21 days following the day of report filing. Simferopol International Airport is equipped with a system for tracing the lost baggage (World Tracer), thanks to which an average time for tracing your lost baggage ranges from one to two days.

Delayed Baggage Claim

Most airline companies deliver lost and found baggage to the address where the passenger is living. The Baggage Service officer will contact and inform you about the date and time of baggage delivery. You can send your inquiries regarding the baggage delivery via e-mail

You can also pick up your baggage at the airport. Baggage is claimed at the Baggage Service counter form 08:00 till 20:00.

Please bring the following documents to claim your baggage at the airport:

  • tear-off part of the baggage tag
  • passport
  • Lost Baggage Report