Filming at the Airport

Photo and video filming on the grounds of Simferopol Airport requires a permit from the airport press office. Application for filming permit must be sent via e-mail

Applying for filming permit

  1. Application should be submitted in written form on the company’s official letterhead (for legal entities) and signed by a responsible executive.
  2. The following should be specified in the application:
    • filming objective, subject of the piece (script);
    • intended dates, time and duration of shooting;
    • list of places and objects required for shooting;
    • list of film-crew members with passport details of each person;
    • scanned copies of passports (pages with photo, issuing authority, date of issue and registered address);
    • contact details of the responsible person.

An application form for filming in the area of landside, departure (arrival) lounge should be submitted at least 2 business days prior to the date of filming.

An application form for the right to conduct INFO filming in the area of airfield and secure zones should be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the date of filming.

Photo and video filming in the territory of the airport in order to create feature films, television series, entertainment, music videos, commercials and photo shooting for advertising in periodicals is considered as commercial filming and must be carried out on the commercial basis.